Construction sites are supposed to be the most accident-prone and hazardous work environments in the world. Being exposed to these site hazards exposes workers to injury and maybe even death. In order to keep this from happening, construction companies need to be able to properly identify hazards that could occur during business operations. Here are a few of the most frequent construction site hazards:


This is one of the biggest hazards to people at work or at home. Power line workers, electrical engineers, and electricians work with electricity all the time and face exposure to the hazards involved regularly. At construction sites, the best way of preventing these hazards is to keep power line workers a safe distance from the power lines. Some other measures include insulating and guarding a vehicle from which they work. This helps prevent electrical hazards from causing them injury.


Falling from a scaffolding more than 6 feet or fixed ladder more than 20 feet high is very dangerous and a common hazard at construction sites. Falling from these places account for more than 50% of the total accidents at workplaces. The usual causes are tripping, slipping, and using ladders which are unstable. This is why employers should get fall protection programs at their workplace.

Heavy construction equipment

Around hundred construction site workers die every year because of heavy construction equipment. The root cause of these accidents include ground workers struck while vehicles are backing up, equipment rollovers, mechanics getting run over when the brakes aren’t set, ground workers being crushed by equipment falling from buckets, back holes, etc. To prevent such risks, workers need to follow all safety guidelines required to get rid of exposure to such accidents and injuries.

While safety risks are unavoidable at construction sites, they can be prevented to a large extent if workers can identify them in time.