Construction is the biggest boom business in the world. As more and more people seek to build their own homes, hand tips and information can help you not only build your own place, but also set up your own construction empire.

But aside from the know-how, you also need to be very informed about the legal ins and outs that not only regulate the finished article, but also how it is put together and how you or the firm you engage protects the works that put the finished structure together.

The term for someone or a company that disregards all best practices and safety norms is a ‘cowboy’. They can leave you, or your project, open to very heavy law suits or financial penalties if you do not comply with safety law and regulations.

Often, corners are cut and regulations are ignored. On these pages, you will find everything you need to be in the know and safe in a legal sense. While it is good to save money and invest it elsewhere if it can be saved, you need to know that everything you have embarked on is safe an above board. With our simple checklists and informative articles, you will have everything you need at your fingertips. We also throw in some handy tips and information about how to make special home builds such as blackjack tables, from experts who have done it before.

Construction is a man’s game and if you are going to take to it, you might as well build yourself a toy for a gambling man’s game.