Do you remember the last time you were playing Blackjack at home? You were probably using your kitchen table, weren’t you? But then do you really have an option? Blackjack tables are expensive. Also, you can spend a lot of time playing Blackjack online. So why go through the hassle?

Well, there is a simple solution to this problem. Build your own Blackjack table.

There are a few things you will need to build a Blackjack table:

  • A 6×3 foot felt piece.
  • Condensed particle board.
  • Padding.
  • Cup holders.
  • Table legs.
  • Wood glue and screws.
  • Table plans.

Once you have everything, it’s time to get started on this DIY project. Make sure you follow all of the safety warnings when you are using any power tools. Also, remember the adage, cut once but measure twice. After going through a little hard work, you will have a shiny new Blackjack table. Now, you will be able to host friends at your place and show off your hard work. For once, you will not have to rely on the kitchen table. Who knows, your friends may just get inspired by your work of art and build Blackjack tables of their own. If that does happen, you will never have to play Blackjack without feeling the heat below your fingers. Now, isn’t that awesome?


But, that’s not even the best part. You know what the best part is? Depending on the rules used when you and your friends play, most people say that the person hosting becomes the dealer. If you are hosting most of the games at your place, you get to be the dealer each time and your chances of winning skyrockets. Why else do you think casinos never let players become the dealer? You could perhaps recover the cost of your table over a few months depending on how frequently you play.