Construction is a process which consists of assembling or building infrastructure. It includes all work and materials required for the construction of finished structures. This also includes site foundations, preparations, electrical work, mechanical work, and any work required to complete projects.

Here are a few types of construction projects:


These projects include townhouses, houses, condominiums, apartments, cottages, subdivisions, and single-unit dwellings. The designs are usually made by engineers and architects and construction executed by builders.


Constructing buildings is the most common type of project. It’s a process of adding structures to properties. Most projects are small renovations or room additions. Most new building projects involve construction of sheltered enclosures with access for housing people, machinery, equipment, and supplies. It also includes installation of equipment and utilities.

Commercial and institutional

These buildings include a whole lot of project sizes and types like hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, stadiums, sports facilities, shopping centres, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc. Special engineers and architects are usually hired for the construction of these buildings. There are very few competitors in this market segment since it costs a lot of money and requires greater sophistication in terms of commercial and institutional buildings when compared with residential projects.


This is just a small part of the construction industry but is a very important part nonetheless. The projects are usually owned by large industrial corporations like medicine, power generation, manufacturing, petroleum, etc.


This involves alteration, repair, and construction of roads, streets, alleys, highways, runways, paths, etc. It also includes incidental construction.


Lastly, these projects tend to involve projects which aren’t classified properly as buildings or highways. Some examples include dams, sewer line projects, sewage treatment facilities, dredging projects, flood control projects, water treatment plants, etc.

These are some of the most popular types of construction today.