The construction industry is one area which has a lot of potential for problems, and that’s why risk assessment is very important for any construction project. Carrying out these assessments is the only way of ensuring that the chances of incidents occurring are reduced as much as possible, and everyone is kept safe.

What is risk assessment

Risk assessments don’t just involve identifying any potential hazards at construction projects, but also weigh them against other factors including financial constraints, contractual obligations, and any other requirements of the project. It’s very important to consider health and safety when it comes to construction projects, and not as individual problems which aren’t affected by the rest of the project.

Qualification and Assessment

There are a number of qualified consultants who can be hired to carry out assessments. They have experience with a number of different settings in the construction industry. Having experts carry out assessments on projects is essential, especially since construction is usually considered a risk area and the assessments can point out issues which you might not have considered could be risks or potential problems earlier. This lets you prepare for these problems and lower the risk involved if they do occur.


To coincide with testing, a lot of companies also employ these companies to test the air in the environment once the project is complete to ensure it meets all UK building regulations. There are specialists who assess the risk and test the air to confirm that it is within safety standards.

When starting a construction project, it’s imperative to speak with experts and get a thorough risk assessment done. By contacting them, you can make sure all possible problems have been prepared for, and all safety and health measures are in place to reduce the risk to anyone who is involved in the project.